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Digital indicators

44200200 KTA 4

The digital thermometer (ready for connection) is equipped with a stage clamp. It is used in laboratories, electroplating industry etc. for controlling and monitoring of temperatures. Due to the three-wireing of resistance thermometers Pt 100 even outrange without bigger measurment failures. The device is able to correct the temperature...

more informations and technical datas in the pdf-sheet!

Digitales Anzeigeninstrument di 32/08
70.1530 Digital indicator di 32/08

The single-channel digital indicators with the bezel sizes 48mm x 24mm and 96mm x 48mm are available for displaying measurements and monitoring limit values in industrial applications.The configurable analog input permits the direct connection of thermocouples, resistance thermometers, resistance transmitters, potentiometers or transducers with a standard signal. The sampling rate for the measurement input is 4 measurements per second.The indicators have a clearly legible 4-digit LED display which,...

more informations and technical data in the pdf-sheet.

Digitales Anzeigeinstrument di eco
70.1540 Compact digital indicator di eco

The di eco compact digital indicator is used for the simple visualization of temperatures or standard signals. The measurement input permits the connection of resistance thermometers or thermocouples, or standard current or voltage signals. The measured value is shown on a 3-digit backlit display.Limit infringements are monitored by means of a 10A relay (changeover contact) and indicated by an LED.The 3 keys on the front panel can be used to configure, among others, the switching hysteresis...

more informations and technical data in the pdf-sheet.