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Thermometers and equipment

120 maschinethermometers  

machinethermometers are used where temperatures should be measured without using electric energy.

- upper part is V-formed in anodized aluminium for exact clearness of display

- prismatic solid stem capillary in glass for highest reliability

- tube in brass (up to 300°C/572°F), steel or stainless steel (above 300°C/572°F)

Zeigerthermometer (Baugruppe 30)
130 dialthermometer (material group 30)

dial and remote Thermometers
- with gas-filled measuring system
- 100 and 160 mm dia.
- protection type IP 54 / IP 65
- other case dimensions upon request
- range from -200 up to +600°C
- with limit value switch
- with switch amplifier (relays)
- with protection sleeves acc. to DIN 16170 or e.g. acc. DIN 43763
- in all common materials.

More informations are available in the data sheet!

chemische  Thermometer
180 chemical thermometers

chemical thermometers, enclosed scale, prismatic colourless, Hg filled, closure with glass pin and ring Ø7 to 8 mm, 1/1°C

Also available
- with capillary blue reflecting
- with special filling in red
- solid stem, wite reflecting, Hg filled, Ø5,5 to 7 mm
- solid stem, yellow reflecting

180 maximumthermometers

maximumthermometers, enclosed scale, prismatic colourless, Hg filled, closure with glass pin and ring Ø7 to 8 mms, 1/1°C, for swinging or with magnet.

Also available

- capillary prismatic blue reflecting (but only for swinging)

- solid stem, yellow reflected, Hg filled, Ø5,5 to 7 mms for swinging or with magnet

180 laboratory thermometers

laboratory thermometers, suitable for calibration, cappillary colourless, Hg filled, Richter-top finish, Ø9 to 9 mm, up to 420 mm total length, above 430 mm Ø9 to 9,5 mm.

Also available

- capillary blue reflecting

- red special liquid filling

- solid stem, wite reflecting, Hg filled, Ø6 to 7 mm

LUkl. Laboratory universal clamp

In everyday life of laboratories many open vessels are used where different instruments need to be fixed. Usually for every instrument a stage bar, bushing and clamps is needed. Our solution fixes several instruments fast and at the same time.

UHth. Universal hand-thermometers

Several hand-thermometers with sensors for temperature measurement, measurement of pH-values and voltage.

- infrared-thermometers

- digital thermometers

- digital thermometers with 1 channel and 2 channel

- digital pH/mV/temperature-gauger

different temperature sensors for every type of thermometer

more informations and technical datas in the pdf-sheet!