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pH-/redox measurement

Elektroden, Einstabmessketten,
20.1080 single pH/Redox Sensors,

diaphragm tubes, compensation thermometers, multitrode (20.1080)

for measureing of pH and redoxpotential.

types and order numbers can be taken from the pdf sheet or inquired by phone or email!

dTRANS pH 01
20.2530 dTRANS pH 01

this instrument measures and controls (depending on the configuration) the pH value or redox potential of aqueous solutions. The transmitter features two analog and two logic inputs. The first analog input is suitable for connecting a pH combination electrode, or a glass and reference electrode (also antimony), or a redox combination electrode, or a metal and reference electrode. The second analog input can be used to connect Pt100 or Pt1000 resistance thermometers.The instrument features two 4-digit...

more informations and technical data in the pdf-sheet.

20.2701 2-wire transmitter

The 2-wire transmitter is intended for linking a pH or redox combination electrode with plug connection to indicators/controllers with an active 4-20 mA input. On the output side the 2-wire transmitters have a connection for supply and standard signal. Zero and slope of pH combination electrodes are adjusted at the indicator /controller. No calibration is required for redox electrodes.The 2-wire transmitter is screwed directly on to the electrode head of the combination electrodes.This circuit arrangement...

more informations and technical data in the pdf-sheet.

23000202 LpHdTrans01

The Laboratory pH-controller and temperature controller LpHdTrans01 is used to collect and control pH values 0,00 to 14 pH with automized temperature compensation with a resistance thermometer Pt100.

- with integrated microprocessor controller
- for all kind of pH-sensors
- BNC plug-in
- integrated temperature controller for constant conditions...

more informations and technical datas in the pdf-sheet!