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Company profile

The company JUCHHEIM GmbH & Co. KG concentrates on the production of glass instruments, as well as the production of measuring instruments, control units, sensors for temperature, pressure and humidity.

Our components and systems are sold world-wide. We serve chemical and physical laboratories, the general mechanical engineering sector and plant construction with modular systems, electrotechnology, electronic systems, measurement and control systems, all from one source.

Another speciality is an invention for the measurement of the internal core temperature of meat products. The company RUSCHE Elektronik KG distributes exclusively to now temperature, measuring instruments and control devices, as well as probes for the meat processing developed and produced by JUCHHEIM GmbH & Co. KG .

Our devices are developed with systems like Autocad and EPLAN, laid out and manufactured. Only components that have been tested and considered perfect for the intended purpose are used.

Our supply program includes standard equipment and tailor-made systems for solving specific tasks. Designs are provided to national or international standards, classification company or customer specifications.

Our philosophy is reliability and control under operating conditions. All components and modules are tested for full functionality.



In 1949 Ernst Juchheim from Ilmenau/Thüringen in Germany founded a glass instrument factory for the production of his patented contact thermometers for chemical and physical laboratories. Later his sons Günter and Gerhard joined the company as limited partners. At that time JUCHHEIM was managed as a Kommanditgesellschaft (Limited). Gerhard Juchheim left the company in 1967. Günter Juchheim continued to manage it in Solingen. In 1982 Mr. Horst Blasberg took over managerial functions after he joined the company in 1967.